…art is everything that is not yet art


Non-art is whatever has not yet been accepted as art but has caught the eye of the artist with that in mind. However, once offered publicly it no longer occupies the space of non-art and becomes instead – ‘art’ – and therefore not art. And so the paradox goes, and I’m still interested (Kaprow 1971, Phillipson 1995, et al) not setting out to make art in order to make art – or at least staying in the zone of prolonging its resolution is where I’m at most of the time. Feels lick hovering and language seems the only way out. Way out? …way in, way forward ..not sure about direction – seems to be ‘modernist’ … I’ll stick with hovering. Ambivalence… and a kind of encounter with the notion of ‘giving’

…giving up?
…giving away?

…yielding to the deliciousness of non-art’s fluidity and letting go, if only fleetingly. (Yes, I said deliciousness).

These are the moments that expand the day!