A Site for Un-Building – 2004-05

This two-man exhibition at the Oriel Davies Gallery 2004-05, comprised video, sound, photography and construction in a large, ‘dispersed’ gallery installation by myself and Steve Dutton.

The exhibition worked against an historical reading of ruin as a depicted subject associated with abandonment and romanticism. We tried to demonstrate practice as ruin  with catastrophe and ‘lack’ as features of our art practices. I made use of studio models and referred to the spaces of potentiality in the studio and gallery and more generally in the urban setting, promoting a sense of ‘mis-en-abyme’.

Steve Dutton showed a video piece of a tower block in the midst of pause in the demolition process together with photographic works of ‘inverted’ townscapes.

Robert Clarke wrote “Shepley and Dutton’s DIY nightmares might be seen to reflect a culture of almost terminal uncertainty, in which an indulgent disconnectedness appears to have infected the very sub-structure of our public environment” (Clark, R. November 20-26, 2004 p37 ‘Site for Un-Building’ review: ‘The Guide’, Guardian Newspapers).